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Sharing Client’s Stories

  • MI, Muskegon: Arcadia Office Received Special Thanks

    Thank you for going above and beyond by providing in-home respite services for one of our participants. We had three back-up plans for this service but all of them fell through.  We appreciate you being willing  to provide in-home respite services for our participant on such short notice. Thank you for all the great work [...]

  • OH, Cinci: Caregiver Gratitude

    Arcadia Cincinnati office received a note about a staffing employee, Mboe Ekoko, who is a STNA for the office.  The note reads: “He has such an excellent attitude and was so flexible when I had to hange his assignment.  We really appreciated him last night.  Thanks, Montgomery Care Center

  • CA, Redding: A Special Thank You

    Dear Arcadia Staff, I want to thank you so much! I was in need of very dedicated caregiving for a couple of weeks back in May.  My husband was trying to deal with his dementia stricken mother who was being dumped in a very poor rest home up in Modoc County.  I was having complicated [...]

  • Arcadia Pittsburgh helps John and his family after surgery

    Our brother John, who is developmentally disabled, spent several months in the hospital after major surgery.  While there, he had hospital-provided sitters and nurses’ aides with him 24/7.  When he moved to an Acute Care Facility that did not provide that level of attention, we knew he needed more support to ease his anxiety so [...]

  • Arcadia – Muskegon Receives Kudos

    Arcadia Home Care & Staffing – Muskegon, MI office received a phone call from Senior Resources. They called to give the office a big compliment for working hard on a case.  The representative from Senior Resources stated that the client’s son has been very happy with the “huge improvements” and added that “the last month has [...]

  • MI, Kalamazoo: Employee Teri Ley Receives Recognition

    DATE: April 22, 2016 TO: Arcadia FROM: Donald L. Edwards SUBJECT: Employee Recognition for Teri Ley Thank you, Arcadia, for employing such a wonderful individual as Teri Ley; and thank you for assigning her as my Home Health Aide. I feel Teri deserves recognition for the following reasons: She is hard-working, very competent, and “goes [...]

  • Kalamazoo, MI: Arcadia office recieves ‘thank you’ letter.

    The Kalamazoo, MI office received a nice email from a client’s daughter.  It read: My mother adores these women. (Caregivers: Annette, Marilyn and Ruth)  They truly care about the well-being of my parents.   We so appreciate having people in their home who we can trust to give them the best care possible. And the fact [...]

  • Arcadia – Jackson, MI: Deb Hoffman receives praise for her compassionate service.

    As a Director at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan I realize how important it is to recognize employees when they do a great job.  At Blue Cross we have trained our staff on some basic cultural beliefs like “Act Now”, “Own it”, and “Be Aligned”.  These cultural beliefs help us serve our members, our [...]

  • Arcadia – Tampa, FL Thank You Letter

    Dearest Tampa Office, Thank you so much for what you do for those of us who need help even when we are all away from home. Also, it is wonderful how your employees feel about you.  they told me how wonderful you are to work for each day.  Praise the Lord for that kind of [...]

  • Arcadia – San Francisco receives “Thanks!”

    Dear Sharon, Shalee, and Arcadia Team, Thank you for the care services that you provided to our client over the past several months.  Several of your caregivers, including Lorina, Laura and Joan, demonstrated tremendous skill and kindness in their work with her.  They also remained professional under often stressful circumstances.  Arcadia provided excellent support in [...]